March 25, 2010


This is what I've been working on in Woodshop all year (so far)!
I, personally, love woodshop. But, the people around me tend to be in a "not-so-inspiring" mood so, most of the time I'm dilly-dallying around. BUT! After these two little projects, I want to do more more MORE!

The process: just took a basic 2 X 4 block of Pine and drew the basic shape of the spoon. I wanted to keep those little knots. They looked fancy - plus sometimes they increase the value on your object (if you are selling)

Then I drew the side view of the 2X4 piece of pine, cut it out with the Jig Saw. A lot of sanding was taken place for the handle - but the chiseling.. Oh boy.

I had to chisel out those little knots, and let me tell you, it was a pain in the butt! Making it smooth, or keeping it rough was an easy choice. Smooth. All the way. Sanded the inside of the spoon, or ladle, with 40 grit & worked my way up to 220. Then Va-La! Two layers of vegetable oil and it's all ready to cook stir some stew!

This piece of oak wood - difficult to sand. Made a beautiful, smooth pallet for my ugly sister. ^_^

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