March 10, 2010

Oh you, artists

I’ve been really flustered with my artwork, lately. Mistake after mistake! I’m so concerned what other people think about, I forget what I want. Maybe it’s because I’ve been the harshest critic on myself, the amounts of art I’ve postponed to do. They add up! After one mistake, I put it down and everything else with that. One mistake leads to another. This is no excuse, but it’s tiring to be so harsh on myself!

My stupid baby piece, people have to make me feel bad: “Oh, I liked it before, why’d you do that?!”

Why do people have to be so pessimistic about it?

It could be out of curiosity, but after the 100th time of the same question being asked, I just can’t take it anymore.

I just want to start everything over without questions about it. Change is good… “Obama”! The only thing that may suck is the materials put into it. Wah wahh.

1 comment:

  1. You are your own worst critic. Always have been and always will be.