March 31, 2010


First, a paper-piece I've done inspired by Chelsea Kirchoff. Yes, you, Chelsea! I've always wanted to do it but never can I capture what she does.. It's still not finished but I'm probably going to go a LOT bigger than this. (it's only 12X15.. I don't know)

This is my SCANDAL piece. This kid in my class, Tyler Kazy, inspired us to do "scandal" week and since I'm way behind - I thought I shall. So, here it is. In Chalk Pastel.

March 25, 2010


This is what I've been working on in Woodshop all year (so far)!
I, personally, love woodshop. But, the people around me tend to be in a "not-so-inspiring" mood so, most of the time I'm dilly-dallying around. BUT! After these two little projects, I want to do more more MORE!

The process: just took a basic 2 X 4 block of Pine and drew the basic shape of the spoon. I wanted to keep those little knots. They looked fancy - plus sometimes they increase the value on your object (if you are selling)

Then I drew the side view of the 2X4 piece of pine, cut it out with the Jig Saw. A lot of sanding was taken place for the handle - but the chiseling.. Oh boy.

I had to chisel out those little knots, and let me tell you, it was a pain in the butt! Making it smooth, or keeping it rough was an easy choice. Smooth. All the way. Sanded the inside of the spoon, or ladle, with 40 grit & worked my way up to 220. Then Va-La! Two layers of vegetable oil and it's all ready to cook stir some stew!

This piece of oak wood - difficult to sand. Made a beautiful, smooth pallet for my ugly sister. ^_^

March 10, 2010

Oh you, artists

I’ve been really flustered with my artwork, lately. Mistake after mistake! I’m so concerned what other people think about, I forget what I want. Maybe it’s because I’ve been the harshest critic on myself, the amounts of art I’ve postponed to do. They add up! After one mistake, I put it down and everything else with that. One mistake leads to another. This is no excuse, but it’s tiring to be so harsh on myself!

My stupid baby piece, people have to make me feel bad: “Oh, I liked it before, why’d you do that?!”

Why do people have to be so pessimistic about it?

It could be out of curiosity, but after the 100th time of the same question being asked, I just can’t take it anymore.

I just want to start everything over without questions about it. Change is good… “Obama”! The only thing that may suck is the materials put into it. Wah wahh.