August 29, 2010


Still, I used the Paint application to crop it together.
It's about 22"X7"

August 26, 2010

Another day at BBAC

This is another little piece. Probably 5"X6", mixed media with water color & prisma-pencil.
She said mine was her favorite and that "she's a tough critique" to get to like it.
I need help with hands!

August 24, 2010

A lot

This is an observational "self portrait". I had to draw myself in a reflective object that would distort my image. And on top of that I had to draw myself, drawing myself. Just take a second to read that again if you must.18"X8", colored pencil
Don't mind the crappy editing, I scanned it and "edited" it on Paint; unfortunately, I don't have photoshop. :/

Today was another day at BBAC, in which we had a female model today. She was very skinny and red-headed. Not that that matters but, just stating the obvious. These were my favorite 30 second gesture drawings we had to do of her. Strictly as warm-up.

After our warm-up we got started on a "new" medium: Water Color and/or Indian Ink. She have us large water color paper to work on, and mini cut outs about 6"X6" to practice before the larger one. So I was just gonna mess around with the indian ink. This took me 30 minutes max and it happens to be my favorite. I call it Rorschach's Wife

August 22, 2010

Nude completed

On my second class at BBAC (8/19/10) we had to finish our nude model drawing. Thank gawd I did - but nothing is ever quite "good" enough in art. There's always something you can improve on.. which is crazy to even think about.

August 19, 2010

Body Figures

Someone scratching their butt and a larger, confident woman. I'm going to do the larger woman on a HUGE canvas probably 5X4 feet. She's going to be in light blue lacey underwear and a lacey brassiere to add some texture/detail. What should I do for the background though?

August 17, 2010


So, today was the first day and we drew a nude MODEL!
Not my first time.. but first time in a long time.
Pencil, 18"X24"
He was a really nice guy to talk to.