August 24, 2010

A lot

This is an observational "self portrait". I had to draw myself in a reflective object that would distort my image. And on top of that I had to draw myself, drawing myself. Just take a second to read that again if you must.18"X8", colored pencil
Don't mind the crappy editing, I scanned it and "edited" it on Paint; unfortunately, I don't have photoshop. :/

Today was another day at BBAC, in which we had a female model today. She was very skinny and red-headed. Not that that matters but, just stating the obvious. These were my favorite 30 second gesture drawings we had to do of her. Strictly as warm-up.

After our warm-up we got started on a "new" medium: Water Color and/or Indian Ink. She have us large water color paper to work on, and mini cut outs about 6"X6" to practice before the larger one. So I was just gonna mess around with the indian ink. This took me 30 minutes max and it happens to be my favorite. I call it Rorschach's Wife

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