May 4, 2010


Hey family, friends, teachers, students, etc., I'm entering a chance to win my artwork on the cover of Creative Outlook Magzine. This contest will give me a greater opportunity to get myself out there as an artist, display a perfect resume, and a strong portfolio.

But, in doing so I need your help!

Go to Creative Outlook's website and vote 5 STARS for my two pieces,

"Rhino" and "Blue".And thank you, so much, for taking the time.
Wish me luck!

Difficult to find it?
Look for it near these images


It's not a cake; it's a pie!
Still in process

May 2, 2010

New shoes

Yea that's right.
Be jealous, Veronica
Just a quick doodle with charcoal.
Still life, if you will
I was bored.