December 12, 2009


This is coming along..
I decided to challenge myself on this one,
3X4 feet of manual labor.
Due date: Monday
Let's get this show on the road.

Victoria Bayagich

My stupid paper decided to RIP!
Made me so angry!
Multiple art teachers suggested that I rip it all up and make it into a collage. So, I did - and now it's all ripped up into pieces.
Still deciding what to do with it all.

My deepest apology

I cut out the ply wood (by hand), cleaned it off, placed layers of nice paper over it.. staple was being ridiculous. Anywho - this was for someone very special. All day people asked me what I was making.
And I replied,
"An apology card"
Their response, "Daaang - you must be sorry"
"You don't even know..."
I wish I had more time on it.. but, with the amounts of homework I had to finish before I left the house, this was the end result. Still made with love.